Henna time!

Thursday I dyed my hair with henna and that’s the result:

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Since I don’t have many white hair this is the best option to change my natural colour (medium brown) into a brigther one.  Usually I blend two shade of red, Mahogany and Copper, to obtain a dyeing
with several highlights. I really like its scent because you feel its natural origins; moreover, it strenghtens the roots, thickens the hair and covers the grey.  The shade with only natural ingredients is the red copper one, while the others like Auburn or Mahogany may contain sodium picramate, a chimical substance that reinforces the colour.


The henna brands I used are the following (I bought them at the organic supermarket):

Sitarama (Mahogany)


Henné de Shiraz (Red Copper)


You need:

  • wooden (better) or plastic tools (no iron)
  • warm water
  • a spoonful of olive oil (to make the paste smoother)
  • a spoonful of vinegar or ordinary yogurt (to fix the coulur thanks to their acidity): the latter make the paste particularly fluid

Blend the mixture and when you have a smooth brown paste without lumps you can apply it like an hair colour, then leave it on for one hour at least or more depending on the intensity you wish to obtain. Wrap your head with the cling film and dry it to reduce the time exposure. Then you can rinse your hair thoroughly until water runs clear and start to wash or just dry it.

I  have been dyeing my hair with henna for three years because I wanted to stop using hair colours. Maybe one day (with much more white hair) I will come back to them, since that I like all burgundy and violet shades 🙂

Do you like henna? What do you think about?


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Welcome to my blog! I'm an Italian 27-year-old girl who likes writing about everything: fashion, cinema, music, books and last but not least, astrology ;)
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2 Responses to Henna time!

  1. marco says:

    bellissimi :*

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  2. Marzia says:

    Grazie Dino 😀


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